Sunday, September 18, 2011

for a guy do you prefer: long or short hair? tall or shorter than you? piercings or no? smoker non smoker? how much younger would you date? and how much older would you date?

I don't care about hair if it suits them. as long as it's shorter than mine and he doesn't rock a pony tail.


I'm not really a fan of facial piercings on guys, but the nose is okay.

preferably non smoker, but I've been with both.

I'm definitely not one to give a shit about age differences, but I don't know about younger. I mean, a lot of them I've seen ... just no. especially at my age. I want maturity, experience, and manners. a gentleman. kids these days just don't know how to make a girl feel like a lady!

how much older? I really don't know, it depends on the guy. obviously I'd be smart about it (no 40 year olds). so I guess I wouldn't close my mind to anybody in their 20's. ehhh, 28 and up is too old. I cannot help but feel like I'm going to get judged for this!

Ask me anything!

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